• rickngentilly

    so those cats in the picture are in a movie that features an old work mate of mine named chuck alston. he goes by the name also aswell.

    he’s a chef , musician , artists , former member of the weather men and all around cranky old guy.

    his car was featured in a movie by les blank’s kid named harrod.

    i actually rode around in that car with him a few times. in the flick they have a jazz funeral for the car. one day a light pole fell down in the street and he drove over it before he could stop.

    the scene with the artists who make the grass car and suits is amazing.

    October 21, 2012
    • Meleah

      Hey Rick,

      I swear, you should write a book about all the interesting people that you and Trishy know!

      October 26, 2012

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