• first, I hope things are better family wise. Its hard to even think about anything else when there are problems . welcome back
    now I am almost 70 and all my life I have been afraid of
    dragonflies because mom & gram used to tell us that if we told a lie they would come and sew up our mouth. You’d think as an adult I would have gotten over that like 50 yrs ago. Ol well. Can you imagine thinking of them with a 2 foot wingspread. afraid nothing, that would be in the terrified category. Thanks for coming back.

    April 23, 2015
    • Meleah

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you for your kind note. I have to say, if someone had told me that dragonflies would come and sew up my mouth, I doubt I would have ever forgotten it. How frightening! Did they tell you how they might go about doing that? I’m just curious. – Meleah

      April 28, 2015
      • Hi, glad you like the comment. No, I don’t think they ever told us that but we weren’t going to take a chance. then living next door to the chief of police, if we were out after curfew, 9:30 in summer, 8:30 winter. or he would take us to the hoosegow(jail) we didn’t stand much of a chance.
        we turned out to be good kids like we dared to do anything else. We had good, loving parents tho. They had to go to work very early and got home quit late so I think they wanted to give gram as much help as they
        could. It worked. A friend of ours told us that when he was a kid his mom would tell him that if he didn’t behave that something or someone would unscrew his belly button and his fanny would drop off. Where did our parents get these ideas? From their parents? Either way, they worked!

        April 29, 2015

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