• rickngentilly

    do you have any links for using these as garden ponds?

    thanks , rick.

    June 02, 2012
    • Meleah

      Hey Rick,
      You know, I don’t have any links for that. But Mike made a pond out of one of them for us really easily. After we bought the trough, we got a pond pump at Menards. Any big box stores will have them at an affordable price. And then he got a special drill bit to make a hole in the bottom of the tub for the pump’s electrical cord. We used plumber’s putty to seal the space around the hole he made. We filled the tank with water and — poof! We had ourselves an inexpensive water feature for the backyard. (Spring for the light that goes on the bottom of the tub when you buy a pump and then put it on a timer to come on at night. So lovely. 🙂

      June 05, 2012
    • rickngentilly

      thank you. this actually fits my skill set. new front yard is baddass. trish is already preping me for something like that : )>

      August 05, 2012

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